Love Heals

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In St Louis a home is forming to empower women to live free from abuse, addiction,and prostitution. Each resident wrote on the painting in their own words what they believe the future holds for them. We have partnered up to create a painting that reflects what the residents love about themselves. Read on!

You Turned Left – Commission

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“You turned Left,” which is a significant part of Piet’s life changing, but simple, act of turning away from a life of emptiness and into a life of God’s work. Read on!

Share Your Wisdom Commission

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The instant connection and its refusal to fade over time is why Kelli calls John her soul mate. After dating for two years, they got married, and their love and appreciation for each other has only grown since then. Kelli loves John’s affection, generosity, and that his life is dedicated to healing and sharing. He… Read more »


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Personal transformation begins by being willing to say yes to the open doors in your life with the understanding that you might fail, totally suck and even face embarrassment. Saying yes can transform us and when we change we can look for ways to transform the world. 30 x 40