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One of the first things Ben told me about Kate is that she is one of those people that you’re better for knowing. She is emotionally strong, paves her own way, and his friends tease him that she’s funnier than he is. She lets him be him, and she strikes a perfect balance between being outspoken, but subtle.

Kate always teased Ben that he loved her from the first time they met. He would never admit it until now, but she was right. And after several years together, he wanted to create a painting for her as part of a wedding proposal. He wanted her painting to reflect the colors he knew she loved. He even studied the clothes in her closet to find the right hues. But most importantly, he wanted the painting to include the words, “You were right. I loved you from day one.”

On May 29th, Ben reserved a room at Shakespeare’s West and told Kate his parents were coming in town to fix up the family cabin. When the couple entered the room, a crowd of loved ones started clapping with excitement. Kate looked so confused and shocked. But then Ben dropped to his knee and asked if she would marry him. Kate giggled uncontrollably and said yes! He slid a ring pop on her finger (they’ll design the ring together later) and jumped up with excitement. He explained the painting with his words on it, and used it to express his love for her. It was a beautiful day.

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