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Commissioned Paintings for The Monnig Collection
One of my favorite things about an original piece of art is its uniqueness. You take various materials and put them together in a way that’s completely new and different. Jan is a passionate art collector and understands this aspect of art and wants to fill her home with pieces that are not only unique, but carry personal meaning for her. So when I went to Jan and John’s home, I paid close attention to their walls. When you first walk in, there’s a wall filled with photos. It holds beautiful pictures of children and grandchildren, offering insight to guests and acting as constant reminders for Jan and John of all their reasons to celebrate their life.

Yet what struck me as I observed this wall was not the joyful times they’ve had – it was the hardships. Or rather, how they’ve chosen to respond to hardships. I loved interviewing Jan and John and learning about their life together. They have had some hard times, but they’ve persevered, leaning on each other to get through difficulties. I created their painting as a tribute to all the good in their lives that exists because they always made the choice to persevere. I hope it’s now functioning as another special piece hanging on their wall, reminding them to celebrate their commitment to family, unity and perseverance. 

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