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I knew the moment Kim reached out to me that we would create something special together. A fellow breast cancer survivor, Kim is strong, honest, and passionate about inspiring others when times are hard. Kim wanted to surprise Jason for their two-year anniversary and celebrate their beautifully blended family.

When Kim and Jason met a few years ago, they were both emerging from painful heartache and were looking for a new beginning. Jason wowed Kim from the start. He is full of life, generous, reassuring, and always makes her feel safe. They soon got married and with three kids between them, began the adventure of forming a new family.

Kim and the kids came to my studio and talked for an hour about their family. Their love was so tangible, writing down love notes was easy. They managed to keep the painting a secret for an entire month, and then one evening Jason arrived home to see an easel with a white sheet over it in their living room. We unveiled the painting, and Kim and the kids explained all the reasons for his surprise – how much they love their family, how happy they are for a second chance, and their thankfulness for having him as a husband and father. The paths that led them to each other may have been turbulent, but joy was abundant that night.

The redemption and hope found in second chances is powerful. Kim and Jason have the motto, “You are my second chance and I am never letting go. I love you. I live you.” These words are embedded in their painting as a representation of their life together and the extraordinary love in their unique family.

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