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Some blind dates are painfully awkward. But some mark the beginning of a love story. When a mutual friend set them up, Liz felt an instant connection with Greg, and that bond grew deeper as they spent more time together, sharing experiences and struggles. Six months after they got married, Liz’s father passed. Greg and Liz became partners in the family construction business, and Liz was glad to keep the business in the family. The two worked together with a love for manufacturing and bringing real, tangible things to life that you can share with others.

After their children were born, Liz dedicated herself full time to raising the kids. But Greg has an entrepreneurial spirit and continued to pursue new business ventures. He has always run his businesses with good judgment, striving to do what’s right. Once the kids started playing soccer, their interest in the sport grew, and they eventually purchased the MLS team, Sporting KC. Liz will tell you how she loves Greg’s Midwestern values, his character, and his work ethic. Greg will tell you that Liz is his hero. She is dedicated to serving their family and others.

Greg and Liz have many strengths, but what really makes them special is their understanding that we are all connected. We have experiences and struggles that bond us as individuals, families, and people. We are more than isolated individuals. Liz and Greg’s bond was born on a blind date on the Bristol Plaza. Then their bond expanded to include two beautiful children, Alexandra and Max (Liz loves that their initials form the word GLAM), and completing their family.

Liz and Greg know that their love and connections will continue to expand over the years, so their piece is a triptych – three separate paintings that flow together and hang side by side. Each piece has a hidden message that connects one to the other. As their children leave the nest, they will each take a painting with them for their own homes to serve as a symbol of their parents’ love and be a physical reminder of their family connection. Liz and I created a color pallet that reflects her feelings and desires, and then I interpreted the elements and details of Liz and Greg’s relationship to create a texture-filled, rich, layered composition and hidden in each painting is the word GLAM. 

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