Sold - 6,400 - 36x48

Do you ever feel like starting over or that something is just not finished yet. That was what I experienced with this painting. It is two paintings in one. The painting underneath was part of a figural series that represented my healing process when I was recovering from breast cancer. The underneath painting in particular was about accepting the unconditional love that God had for me even in the midst of my ugly and struggle. These figures traveled to NYC for a show at the World Trade Art Gallery in 2014. A few years later friends of ours let us use their Colorado retreat home for a family get away. While staying there I felt an unexplainable peace from the unpredictable past and knew this feeling needed to eventually come out. I felt the figural painting would be a perfect foundation for this experience because it would serve as a reminder that at the foundation of my actions and life is God’s embrace, no matter what. Whites, grays, charcoals, pearls and earth from the Colorado landscape fills the painting and represents a new beginning of light and rejuvenation. 36″x48″

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