Using painting as a tool to help heal

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A heart felt THANK YOU to goes out to CosmicSauce and Bussen Productons for producing this video. I love COMO and feel super excited to see this series of videos develop about our community.


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Textured, rough, raw, exposed and beautiful is the nature of life. There are glossy moments but mostly real life is a worn and layered process. The series explore self-worth and is an exploration of ‘I am’. There’s so much beauty beyond the tangible. It’s a beauty that exists inside each one of us that is… Read more »

Untitled 3

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Untitled 4. Available for purchase. 24″x24″ . Inspired by the act of letting go and not controlling the outcome.


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The harmony of unity. I am aiming not to paint the outward appearance of it, but the inward significance.