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Partnering with the Dream Factory developed a colorful formation of beautiful relationships and Cosmic Sauce Video Agency and Bussen Productions captured it all.  Declan Johnson and his mother Amanda, as well as Fife Powell and his mother Beth were recipients of a dream through the Dream Factory. Declan got to swim with dolphins and Fife got to go to Disney!

Brainstorming with two good friends who lead and organize this charity we thought it could be a great idea to partner up and collaborate on a painting with Fife and Declan.  Amanda, Declans mom said, “It felt so good to be able to give back to the Dream Factory in this way, through the sale of my sons painting because the Dream Factory has given so much to us.”

Fife and Declan were invited into my studio at separate times to create their own paintings based on their favorite colors and tools. They had no problem filling up each canvas with their joy, passion and positivity. This made my heart leap for joy. Fife named his painting, “World of Circles” and Declan named his “Beautiful World”. I believe when we are given the chance to express ourselves fully with complete freedom it can lead to so much joy and aid in our personal healing process. I was so honored to accompany them and encourage them through this experience. The boys donated their paintings to the Dream Factory live auction this weekend and helped raise money for another child’s dream. The evening was magical to say the least, it was just jaw dropping to see how much generosity filled the room.

Declan, Fife and their families were called up to the stage where both kids got to hold their own paintings up high. Declan said, “Do you think my painting will sell for $50? Then the auctioneer got is auctioneer voice on and started yelling out numbers starting at $500, then $1000 and up and up it went! I glanced at Declans face and he seemed a bit stunned. Both boys were able to raise close to $5000 for the Dream Factory.

The evening did not end there. Our two friends, Heather and Patrick, who I mentioned earlier were the patron’s of the two paintings. When I glanced over to give Heather a smile and wave goodbye, I realized something amazing was happening at that moment. She was handing BACK the painting to Fife’s mom as a gift to her family so she could hold on to the beauty, color and legacy of her son’s artwork. There could not have been a more magical ending.

A Big Thanks goes out to Cosmic Sauce and Bussen Productions for creating the video documenting this journey. Enjoy!

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