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This opportunity meant pushing myself way out of my comfort zone, but the possibilities were too great to let it pass by. Many friends and family members played such a big part in making this happen that I had to honor their support. When Friday the 13th came, I was getting myself ready for the event in my hotel room. I had a beautiful dress to wear that came from a good friend back home who generously donated her fashion sense to make me feel awesome. This was a huge gift that my friend gave me.

The weather was amazing, and as I walked in, the sight gave me a thrill, and I took the liberty of walking around the compound. I enjoyed many wonderful conversations and took the time to really absorb the art of each room. The designers poured their hearts into their spaces and collectively made the home an inspiration. The Christopher Kennedy Compound was such a huge hit it made features in Dwell Magazine, Traditional Home, Houzz and much more.

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