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This painting represents Mor Kantor’s journey as a daughter, a wife, a mother, and now a cancer survivor. Mor exudes life and energy and collaborated with artist Jenny McGee on a meaningingful journey of creativity, shared pain and hope through art.

Like Mor, this painting is deeply honest about the pain and joy that make life beautiful. The crushed pearls are broken but still shining. Their beauty has changed, but it has not decreased. The painting is heavily textured with rough and smooth parts layered together, coated in earthy tones that signify the raw nature of life, and it is nished with bright colors that embody the positivity, love, and support Mor has felt from her husband, children, family, friends, and community.

When the storm hits you out of nowhere, it’s important to remember that in some form, there is hope ahead and a bright future to look forward to. The sky is moody, but most importantly, it’s filled with glimpses of light and brightness for a future lled with health, love, hope, and vitality.

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