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The theme is Courage. Courage stories coming in and giving me goosebumps. A good friend of mine recently reached out to her birth mother. After 37 years of not knowing anything about her she has found her and they have started to build a relationship. Courage!! What ever you are going through remember you have infinite courage inside….Have hope, be strong, laugh loud and play hard. Live in the moment, smile often and dream big. Remember you are loved and never ever give up.

I am looking for a few more folks (any of you) to send in a quick video to me with your response to the concept of courage. Finish the sentence: “I am courageous because…” “Courage to me is…” or “An example of courage is…”

You can email the clip to me at jennymcgeeart@gmail.com. Be part of my art show in Kanas City!

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